The Vaninetti’s origin
(the Taparin Venet)
by Serafino Vaninetti

Origin and settlement of Vaninetti surname at Sacco Inferiore

In my research on the origins of this surname, I did not found difficulties because the past is available to people living close to us. It is possible to find it in their language, in the older people memory and especially in the trades, that distinguished individuals and families by the work done in the past.

The immediate, is apparently at hand, is not so understandable and accessible as it should be. These data, historical facts, the included informations on Vaninetti families, are of public domain and not conclusive, but a starting point. The questions that I addressed to the past are moved from simple curiosity about the birth of surnames, their variation with the migration of peoples, the scribes, and by deliberated ethnic and political system to make themselves unknown. An example comes from the political side of the military adventure of Venice Republic in Valtellina: this suggests the change of the name Veneti (inhabitants of Veneto region) into Vaninetti. After the Visconti defeat at the Delebio battle in 1435, it was not convenient to be recognized. In my research I feel fortunate to have had access to the memories of relatives and elders who, in confidence, indicated Sacco Inferiore as the first refuge of Veneto inhabitants migration, who originated our relationship.

These were people coming from the Veneto region who had settled in our area between the Fifteen and Sixteen century. According to older informants, they were hirelings called Taparin.It can be assumed that their coming was due to causes such as expansion wars of the Serenissima. Morbegno togheter with Valgerola, were the lands further to the North of Europe, conquered and subjected, for a brief period, to Venice.

The craft practiced by these people with their typical saw, was highly qualified, acquired and tested with the construction of ships planking when the Serenissima Republic of Venice was the mistress of seas.

The name comes from the job that Taparin were exercising: they were specialists in cutting and squaring trunks with a common hatchet.

In the archaic Valgerola jargon are called “tapadùùr” or “tapa cantir” those carvers who sharpen with a cut tool: sügherin/Squartun (typical hatchets) the tree trunks, to obtain beams and fornitures.

Moreover, these migrants, were masters of another special and innovative technology unknown in our valley, which gave them the opportunity to obtain axis from tree trunks with an instrument called “trentin”, a tool at infinite cut.

These were called “rasegoch” (men good in sawing trunks with toothed blades). It was an innovative technology at the time, expanded to the whole Valtellina.

My family was called “the taparin”, maybe in some way were the founders of Vaninetti surname.

They could also be common migrants in search of richer market for their craft: Valgerola was an important territory and rich of woods and probably, during the period of conquest they got knowledge of that.

At Sacco Inferiore the Vaninetti branch with the family nickname Taparin, was distinguished in the following families: Stefen – Tugn – Petui -, Gianin - Magrin, Bernacao - Pupù, - March - Caliment - Striùn the latter descended to the plain of Brugo and Regoledo. The family that most appealed to the arrival of the Venetians and resident at Sacco Inferiore was the one of Vaninetti called Trentin happily married to the so-called Trenta.

They were related families, married off at Sacco Inferiore and known to me.   Householders were: Vaninetti Antonio (Tugn - Taparin) class 1872, Vaninetti Raffele my father Stefen Celestin 1896 the late Stefano 1848,   Vaninetti Tobia (Magrin) 1916, Vaninetti Primo (Gianin) Taparin 1920, Vaninetti Giovanni (Gianin) Taparin 1893, Vaninetti Fermo (1899). Questioned at various times, all agreed in stating that their grandparents were remembering, a hundred years before, that Sacco Inferiore was exlusively inhabited by Vaninetti families. The progeny spread from this place in various branches of families all over the territory of Cosio Valtellino Municipality.

Instead, the actual origin of these families surname now spread all over the world, according to Primo Vaninetti, depositary of ancient notations of Gianin family, comes from a changed transcription that transformed the surname Venet in Vaninetti.

Collecting this informations concerning the initial moments of such total establishment of these people, I asked me a question: how was it possible to take this kind of possession?

I found the answer in the trades, in the memory of elders, in the dialect words that come from that time till the present days and in the history of Sacco Inferiore.

From the amount of papers and important figures that determined the junction with Cosio, it turns out that the population of the time was determined and numerous, well established in the territory, owner of lands and houses still existing that reveal quality and taste of those who lived in.

The answer can be only this: a few decades after the union with Sacco Superiore, in 1456, the population of valley was affected by plague which from the valley around Bergamo reached the Bitto Valley.

In 1513 was again striked by the plague, in 1525 there was the dukes invasion and Sacco which has sided with them, was sacked by the Grisons.

These tragedies with diseases, wars and lootings prostrated so much the population that was not even possible to cultivate the land. The few who escaped preferred to emigrate to Rome, Naples, Palermo and to other places, it is evidenced by the offers for fornitures, paintings and icons of Saints prayed in every church of the Valley.

From the archiv of Sacco parish, besides testimonies of those villagers who migrated, there is a record about a priest Vaninetti from Sacco Inferiore who in 1700 emigrated to America and contributed to the founding of Boston city.

Wars and pestilence had forced the people of Sacco Inferiore and Superiore to abandon lands and houses.

Even the magnificent home of the Costa, famous for manufacturing of wine and walnut oil, became an hospital for plague victims.

So it was for the big holes in the walls of the promontory colèr near by Sacco.

Maybe the Veneti took advantage of it, with their qualified and unknown craft of the trentin saw, since every innovation was a good business, encouraging successfully and with fortune the settlement of that population at Sacco.

At Sacco Inferiore existed also a family called Antonioli: for the record, together with Balbi family, were the only ones to inhabit the district. The Antonioli family, even having crowned its marriage with 12 children, did not have enough luck like the Vaninetti one, and went extinct.

Each of us Vaninetti, I’m sure! carries faded memories of his or her ancestors and arcaic life. Some of us has certainly achived the success of a better life in countries far from Sacco.

I appeal to them to enrich the origin and the history of this relationship so enterprising that has been able to reach successfully our time.

Those who would like, may report, using this tool or other means, their belonging to the family, or tell their story to let them actually enter in the Vaninetti legend.

It could be considered a visit to these places of the country full of history, with real images still preserved in the ancient dwellings of Sacco Inferiore, of Bona Lombardi, of Homo Salvadego, of Mill of Dosso, with contradas that contains frescoes and relics of ancient memory, that bring to life our ancestors.

Following these reports, written and illustrated in the book titled SACCO (Stories of Valtellina) I will summarize in this web site by entering the name of all Vaninetti around the world that I was able to list.

             Certainly many are missing, but those who will have the opportunity to read the writings, may be list in turn with new names and enrich their relationship.




United States:

Mr.Silvio Vaninetti-7633w Earm Rd Peoria – Arizona 85381

Mr. Albert Vaninetti-9058n 40th Dr Phonix. Arizona  85051

Mr. Dave Vaninetti-6700 Goodfellow Ave Apt 5 Pleasanton. California 94568.

Mr Delma Vaninetti 1472 Adams St Salinas California 93906.

Mr Enry Vaninetti-17915 Damian Way Salinas California 93907.

Mr Joe Vaninetti-25352 Bentley Laguna Hills California 92653-4611.

Mr Michael Vaninetti-17838 Ct Salinas California 93907.

Mr Jerry Vaninetti-1131 Culumbia Dr Longmond Colorado 80503.

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Mr Roy Vaninetti-377 Cori Ave NE Melbourne Florida 32907.

Mr Charles Vaninetti-27 Husatonic St Lee Massachussets 01238.

Mr Charles J Vaninetti  PO Box 539 Lee Massachussets 01238.

G.M. Vaninetti – 15 Birdchcrest St Burlington Massachussets 01803

Mr Jason C Vaninetti 18 Tabor Ave Lee Massachussets 01238.

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Miss Cheyl D Vaninetti RR I Box 286 Randolph New York 14772.

Mr jim Vaninetti 4100 Dark Hollow Rd Medford Oregon 97501.

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Emilio Vaninetti 26 King AV Dominion Nova Scotia BOA JEO .

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K.L. Vaninetti 103 Evans Ave Toronto Ontario M8Z 1H7



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Vaninetti Angelica




Paola Vaninetti Graf-Alban str.2 82418 Murnao.



Giuliano Vaninetti V.Pianaccio 6710 Biasca.

Mario Vaninetti via Lucomagno 6710 Biasca.

Luciano Vaninetti Gravine 6826 Riva S, Vitale.

Patrizio Vaninetti Grenzstras 25° Margrethen.



Albert Vaninetti- Buzy 64260.

Albert Vaninett Unet Bertranet Tonneins 47400.

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Jean Louis Vaninetti – Robert- Virazeil 47200.

Jimmy Vaninetti Fauvette – Villeton  47400.

Karine Vaninetti 10 R Bel Air – Tonneins 47400.

Laurence Vaninetti 110 R Francois Villon – Cenon 33150.

Lina Vaninetti- 4 R Francois Villon – Cenon 33150.

Louis Vaninetti Comus 11340.

Marie Andree Vaninetti Village- Saint Paul De Baise 32190.

Monique Vaninetti –26 Av Federici Garsia Lorca – Les Bleuets – Pau 64000.

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Cinzia Vaninetti Loc Vezzolano 51- Albugnano – Asti 14020.

Aldo Vaninetti Via Bergamo 32- Lovere Bergamo 24065.

Cinzia Vaninetti Via Kenedy 1 Lovere  Bergamo 24060.

Daniele Vaninetti Via Papa XXIII Lovere Bergamo 24065.

Enrico Vaninetti Via Bergamo Lovere Bergamo 24065.

Ernesto Vaninetti via Don Pifferetti 16 Lovere Bergamo 24065.

Giovanni Vaninetti Via Galileo Galilei 10/A Seriate Bergamo.

Mirella Vaninetti Via Alfredo Oriani 44 Bologna 40137.

Alfredo Vaninetti via Barona 45 Colico Como 22050.

Crispino Vaninetti via Carducci Fino Mornasco Como 22073.

Fabrizio Vaninetti Via Ferrera 1 Gravedona Como 22015.

Fausto Vaninetti via degli Ulivi 13 Lierna Como.

Lorenzo Vaninetti Via Municipio 17 Colico Como 22050.

Maura Vaninetti Via Castel Baradello 21 Gravedona Como

Silvio Vaninetti via Virgilio 22 Lecco Como 22053

 Stefano Vaninetti Via canone 2 Lecco Como 22053.

Maria Vaninetti Cavour 19/c Civita Cosenza 87010

Giuseppe Vaninetti Via Cavour 6 Civita Cosenza 87010..

Rosetta Vaninetti Via figurella 2  Cassano allo Jonio Cosenza 87011.

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Guido Vaninetti Via V. Emanuele 87 Lazzate Milano 20020.*

Marisa Vaninetti Via Podgora 7 Sesto S. Giovanni milano 20099

Bruna Vaninetti Via G. Mauro 1 Domodossola – Novara 28037

Marco Vaninetti Corso della Vittoria 60  Novara 28100.*

Gino Vaninetti Via A Piola Caselli 165 Roma 00122.



Adele Vaninetti Via Valletta 66 Traona- Sondrio 23019 *

Agnese Vaninetti Via Sacco Inferiore Cosio Valtellino *

Agostino Vaninetti via Adda Cosio Valtellino.

Adriana Vaninetti Nuova Olonio  Dubino SO.

Agostino Vaninetti via Roma Gerola SO. *

Carlo Vaninetti Via Stelvio Delebio SO.

Cleto Vaninetti Monastero 29  Dubino SO.

Carlo Vaninetti Via Singella 4 Cosio Valtellino-*

Caterina Vaninetti Regoledo Cosio Valtellino

Daniela Vaninetti  Via E Fermo 4 Chiavenna SO

Dante Vaninetti V.le Risorgimento Chiavenna SO

Diego Vaninetti Via Renato Ronconi 12 Morbegno SO

Dina Vaninetti Via Frescoliva 25 Villa di Tirano SO *

Dionigi Vaninetti Via Nazionale 105 Cosio Valtellino.

Domenico Vaninetti Via Trivulzia 27 Smolaco SO

Domenico Vaninetti Via Nazionale 69 Cosio Valtellino *

Edoardo Vaninetti via brugo Cosio Valtellino.

Elena Barbara Vaninetti via Marcore 8/a Morbegno SO

Elisa Vaninetti via nazionale 20 Cosio Valtellino SO

Emilio Vaninetti via fermi 4 Chiavenna SO

Ennio Vaninetti P: Lucio Foico Novate Mezzola SO

Enos Vaninetti Via nazionale Cosio Valtellino

Enrica Vaninetti Sacco Cosio Valtellino SO

Enrica Vaninetti Cortivacci 37 Morbegno SO

Enrichetta Vaninetti Via delle Prese sei Sondrio.

Enrico Vaninetti Via Stelvio 66 Delebio  SO *

Enrico Vaninetti Via Monastero 18 Dubino SO

Ermanno Vaninetti Via Brugnini 32 Cosio Valtellino

Ermanno Vaninetti via Pedemontana Cosio Valtellino

Erminio Vaninetti  Via sciaresano Sacco di Cosio Valtellino *

Ernesto Vaninetti via Morbegno Sondrio

Felice Vaninetti Via statale Cosio Valtellino

Flavio Vaninetti  Campo 23 Novate Mezzola SO

Francesca Vaninetti via nazionale Cosio Valtellino

Franco Vaninetti via Volta 33 Chiavenna  SO

Franco Vaninetti Via Brugo 34 Cosio Valtellino

Franco Vaninetti Via Torchio 10 Cosio Valtellino

Fulvio Vaninetti Via pedemontana Cosio Valtellino

Ginbattista vaninetti Via s. Ambrogio Cosio Valtellino

Giancarlo Vaninetti Via Brugo 28 Cosio Valtellino

Gianfranco Vaninetti Sacco Inferiore Cosio Valtellino*

Gianfranco Vaninetti Campo Mezzola Novate SO

Gianfranco Vaninetti Via Martello 9 Morbegno SO

Gianluigi Vaninetti Via Bernasconi Cosio Valtellino *

Gianrocco Vaninetti Via Quadrobbio 10 Cosio Valtellino.

Gino Vaninetti Via Valbruna Cosio Valtellino*   

Gino Vaninetti Via S Ambrogio 45 Cosio Valtellino

Giobbe Elio Vaninetti Via Vignola 20 Samolaco SO

Giorgio Vaninetti Via Carducci Chiavenna SO

Giovanni Vaninetti vi Quadrio 11 Sondrio

Giovanbattista Vaninetti Via Tale 10 Cosio Valtellino

Giovanni Ulisse Vaninetti Via Nazionale vecchia 48 Cosio Valtellino

Giulia vaninetti Via Bona Lombarda 3 Morbegno SO

Giuliano Vaninetti Via Brugnini Cosio Valtellino

Giulio Vaninetti  Sacco Inferiore Cosio Valtellino *

Giulio Vaninetti Via Brugo Cosio Valtellino.

Giuseppe Vaninetti Via S Domenico Cosio Valtellino

Giuseppe Vaninetti Via Brugo 6 Cosio Valtellino

Giuseppe Vaninetti Via Nazionale 25 Cosio Valtellino

Graziano Vaninetti Via Damiani 56 Morbegno SO

Guido Vaninetti via Serta 11 Morbegno SO

Liliana Vaninetti via nazionale 84 Verceia SO*

Lorenzo Vaninetti Via Nazionale 12 Cosio Valtellino

Lorenza Vaninetti Giumello 4 Samolaco SO

Luciana Vaninetti via Adda 124 Cosio Valtellino

Lorenza Vaninetti Via Statale 86 Cosio Valtellino

Luciana Vaninetti Via A Moro 12/0 Prata Camportaccio SO

Luciano Vaninetti Via don Guanella 4 Cosio Valtellino

Luigi Vaninetti Sacco Inferiore Cosio Valtellino*

Luciano Vaninetti Via Masonacce 22 Cosio Valtellino

Luigi Vaninetti Campo Mezzola 23 Novate SO

Luigi Vaninetti Via sciucalli Sacco Superiore Cosio Valtellino

Luigina Vaninetti Via nazionale 26 Cosio Valtellino.

Marcello Vaninetti via Merizzi 29 Morbegno SO

Margherita VANINETTI Via Nazionale Vecchia 105 Cosio Valtellino

Margherita Vaninetti Via Caccia Dominioni Morbegno

Maria Vaninetti Via Bernasconi 2 Cosio Valtellino

Maria Vaninetti via S.Ambrogio 11 Cosio Valtellino

Maria Vaninetti  via Crespinedo Tresenda Teglio  SO

Maria Cristina Vaninetti Via Bernasconi 10 Cosio Valtellino

Marina Vaninetti via Quadrobbio Cosio Valtellino

Marinella Vaninetti via Valeriano Sacco Cosio Valtellino *        

Mario Vaninetti  Sacco Cosio Valtellino*

Mario Vaninetti Via Giumello 3 Samolaco SO

Mario Vaninetti Via Monastero 23 Dubino SO

Mario Enrico Vaninetti via nazionale 24 Cosio Valtellino

Maurizio Vaninetti via Valbruna 19 Cosio Valtellino

Maurizio Vaninetti via Vignola  Samolaco SO

Mauro Vaninetti  Sacco superiore Cosio Valtellino

Mauro Vaninetti via Giumello 31 Samolaco SO

Michele Vaninetti Via Nazionale Vecchia 30 Cosio Valtellino

Paola Vaninetti via Brugnini 60 Cosio Valtellino

Patrizia Vaninetti Via Spluga 87 Dubino SO

Pia Vaninetti Via Cimitero Cosio Valtellino

Piera Vanonetti Via Roma 18 Colorina SO

Piero Vaninetti via Meresina Cosio Valtellino

Pietro Vaninetti Via Stelvio Cosio Valtellino

Primo Vaninetti Via Statale 137 Cosio Valtellino

Remo Vaninetti Via Diaz Novate Mezzola SO

Renato Vaninetti via Diaz Novate Mezzola SO

Renzo Vaninetti Via Neresina 11 Cosio Valtellino

Rita Vaninetti Via Masonacce Cosio Valtellino

Roberto Vaninetti Giumello  Samolaco  SO

Romano Vaninetti Via Statale Cosio Valtellino

Rossana Vaninetti Via Europa Aprica Sondrio

Ruggero Vaninetti via statale Cosio Valtellino

Sandra Vaninetti Via Quinto Alpini 54 Morbegno SO

Serafino Vaninetti Via Borgo Salvo 15 Morbegno SO

Severo Vaninetti Via Nazionale 28 Cosio Valtellino *

Silvano Vaninetti Via Pirondini 14 Sacco Superiore Cosio Valtellino *

Stefano Vaninetti Cantun dei Mayer Sacco Superiore Cosio Valtellino*

Tecla Vaninetti Via Brugo 30 Cosio Valtellino

Tina vaninetti Via quinto Alpini 20 Morbegno SO

Vittorino Vaninetti Via Pirondini Sacco Superiore Cosio Valtellino



Daniela Vaninetti  via Chevrio  Bellagio COMO 



Tullio Vaninetti Via Monte Rosa 137 Torino



Carla Vaninetti via Manzoni 5 S.Biagio di Callalta Treviso.



Rita Vaninetti Via Vittorio Veneto 80 Lonate Bozzolo Varese

Sergio Vaninetti Via della Roggia 2 Luino Varese.