Chestnut grove Project
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Partners / groups participating to the project.

Chestnuts Producers
Collection team

Gràà: drying room
Responsible for the drying management
Working Group for marketing and product management.

Project description:

The project intends to advantage the chestnut as a product of Valgerola and also of neighboring countries
to publicize this forgotten craft, increasing its production with new plantations of better quality,
promoting the product through the local tourist festivals, and the divulgation of tourist propaganda
for the promotion of rural mountain areas.

Marroncino from Sacco - rare species

Marroncino from Sacco vintage of 2004- chestnuts of 2 and 3 choices
Project reason:

The chestnut tree is of primary importance in the history of our valley, both for the fruit to the trunk. The association must verify the real possibility of sale on the market.
The project objective is the promotion of the chestnut, giving a socio-economic value to this production forgotten in the last fourty years. The aim is to reach a production of at least ten tons by 2011 and ensure the sale of chestnuts and its wood also with a correct maintenance of the forest.

1. Organisation of an advertising campaign of the product.
2. Introduction of new quality systems and of the various systems of picking and processing, control of local varieties such as the “marroncino” of Sacco and others..
3. Organization of the sale.
4. Marketing of the products of chestnut and its wood.

Variety of chestnut - MARRONCINO FROM SACCO

Rodolo Valtellina - smoking process chestnuts
For the territory:
Landscaping, chestnut retrieval for an impact on tourism and the fire protection.

From the Economy standpoint:
allows to Valgerola and other mountain regions to exploit the potential that is currently abandoned and create attractive income.

The project demonstrates that it is possible to re-evaluate traditional resources which hitherto were thought to be unrecoverable.
It is an innovation at the provincial level that can be extended to all abandoned sites used as chestnut groves.

Rodolo Valtellina - screening of chestnuts

Rodolo Valtellina - Crush of chestnut

Rodolo Valtellina - screening of chestnuts